👋 Welcome to Mailroom, the Letter Support Forum

Hello! Welcome to Mailroom, the Letter support forum. Here you’ll be able to leave feedback, discuss features, and ask any questions about Letter and email design.

I had prepared this support forum sometime last year, but hadn’t opened up registration until today – so until now, nobody has been able to register!

To recap, there’s a bit about early access programme here , and you can say hi over here. Use this forum to:

  • Discuss and request features in the #features category
  • Get help, report bugs and ask questions in #support
  • Discuss Templates and components in #themes

If you’re new here, drop a message in the #newsletters channel to tell us what you’re working on, and why you’re trying Letter.

I’ve been running my own weekly newsletter for around 2.5 years, and made Letter to tackle the difficulties I had when creating my own newsletters. Your feedback will help me improve the tool so that newsletter creation can be easier and faster.

Thanks for trying the early access version and being part of Letter so early on!

-Graeme , Creator of Letter